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A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning -Pat Riley

What to do when your applications for a new assignment or job are constantly being rejected? You just finished an assignment with a previous company and you need to get a new assignment. However, not every new company just has as much use for your talents. Every time you try a different reason for not hiring you is returned. From being overqualified to underqualified, not living in the vicinity of the company, they have decided not to hire an applicant or they just found someone who is more qualified.

As a business manager for consultants with temporary assignments I frequently experience this with my employees. Even with a booming economy this still happens and it can be extremely frustrating. The only remedy is to continue to be motivated. Here are three reasons why.

Motivation is not everything, but it is essential

The company you are applying to wants to have a professional. Being a professional means having the following three qualities: experience, knowledge and motivation. The motivation is needed because part of any job is that you will be facing new and unexpected challenges. Motivation gives an indication of how willing you are to overcome these challenges.

When you do not provide a motivational letter or you do not put some effort into your interview, you will give the indication that you are not willing to even pass the first hurdle or obstacle. This does not provide hope for the future. Therefore remember the importance of motivation.

Your history needs to be positive

Studies showed that people are more willing to buy when they are happy or positive. People will of course sympathize with you when you share a sad story with them but in most cases they are less inclined to spend some money.

The fact that you have been rejected multiple times is not a story that sells. If you have to bring a ‘sad history’ to your new job application, give it a positive spin. For instance state that you are critical in your job search and unfortunately haven’t found the right match yet. Presenting a positive story will lead quicker to a yes.

Motivation affects your awareness

If you say something, the words you use only have 7% influence on how well the message is received. 38% on how well the message is received is affected by your tone of voice and 55% is body language. This means that the way you’re saying something sometimes matters more than what you actually say.

In your conversation you can train to say the exact words or the exact phrases but it falls short when you are not motivated. When you believe you will not be hired and are less motivated your body language will show it and the tone of your voice will show it. As such in order to start being successful you need to start with being motivated.

Success comes from dealing with disappointment

In closing I will say that staying motivated in the face of continuous disappointment is really hard. It is really difficult and no fun. However this is the reason why only few people become really successful. Success does not come from getting everything right all the time. Success comes from overcoming adversities. As such when faced with disappointment just view it as another stepping stone to success.

Wouter Mertens

Business Manager IT


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