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Want to find your dream job? Start today!

Doing what you love does not come to you, you have to work for it- Simon Sinek

One of the most heard complaints within the consultancy is that people are dissatisfied with their current assignment. Most of the time the consultant believes that he or she is performing tasks beneath her or his skill level. What they crave for is an assignment that fits their current expertise.

The question is how to get there. Why do some people get the good assignments whereas others remain stuck in the same place? From my experience as a consultant for 9 years I have seen one thriving difference between those who get the great jobs and the ones that don’t. This is that they start today working towards their goal.

It is a station, not the end stop

The biggest mistake any consultant can make is to regard their current assignment as the end station of their career. Too often consultants immediately start valuing the current assignment as the job they will be doing for the rest of their life. This is not the case. The current assignment is a stepping stone to learn the skills for the next assignment.

As such your current assignment is temporary and it is important to think about that. It is only temporary that you are able to investigate the company, learn about the processes, connect on a personal level with the people there and obtain the skills that are available to you. You are currently inside and once you are outside you cannot get the things you once took for granted but did not use.

When you reverse your thinking, you will see the opportunities that are available to you instead of imagining the possible opportunities that might be found elsewhere. Start today looking at what your current assignment can give you.

Learn to remain motivated

If you want to exude an air of confidence that you are capable of doing more, being demotivated is the last thing you want. Imagine you are your team leader and you have an extra assignment. Who would you give it to. Would it be someone disappointed and sulking because he does not get what he wants or the motivated employee eager and willing to do more? Moreover, suppose you need a good referral, what do you want your previous boss to say?

Motivation is the basis for improving your skill set. Showing motivation is important because it gives the other confidence that you are willing and capable to face the unknown career challenges. Part of any job is that you will be facing new and unexpected challenges. Motivation gives an indication of how willing you are to overcome these challenges. Without, nobody will assume you are ready for your next step.

Investigate the gap

If you want to get somewhere, it is wise to know where you currently stand. When you have not landed on your dream job, it might be interesting to investigate what is asked. Look for job applications that interest you and investigate what is asked. Investigate the hard and soft skills and then investigate what you might be missing. Also find a coach or mentor to help you with this.

Then start filling in the gap with training, coaching and also with opportunities currently available for you. Question what you want to learn and question how you can learn it today with what is currently available. This will make sure that you invest in yourself today and learn to get where you want be. Understand that a 1000 mile journey simply consists of small steps.

Getting to the top

The important thing is that in order to get ahead, is that you start today. The reason why you are interested in the top is because you will stand out. The reason however that you will stand out is that not everyone is willing to put in the effort. Therefore take joy in the sweat, the toil and the disappointments, because this will make all the difference in the end.

Wouter Mertens

Business Manager IT


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